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Dating Service

With so many dating apps and the unlimited power to swipe left or right, some of us get confused between what is right or worth trying for us. We do not only help you determine what is perfect for you, we also create match-making platforms where you can meet and interact with your match in real time.

Lifestyle Coaching

Life is about finding your lane and for some it is going faster than for others. But wether you choose to go fast or steady we believe one thing is more important; and that is having sense of direction, which is why our skilled Life coaches are here to guide you on how to find and understand your own "Life's map" so you may chart the course of your own destiny.

Capacity Building

You posses a college degree or hail from the School of Life or you are just outright Streetwise; we do not only believe in rebranding your talents and gifts, but we show you how to carve your niche and register you relevance in your world

My Inspiration

Life coach, Dating expert or “HITCH”; these are funny and fancy ways people like to describe me or what I do. I like to consider myself as a life pathfinder, a ‘forever student’ eager to reconcile the principles of psychology and sociology with the actual struggle of people face today.

Today it appears we are even more drowned-lost in the pool of information and technology and suffer what I like to call in my own theory the “multi-choice syndrome “, if you have been stuck  wondering for over 30 mins what to watch on Netflix then you can relate.

Today I believe that unless we start learning to ask different questions about what love, dating or marriage are, and why people struggle so hard find love and only end up heartbroken and disappointed, life will only give us the same answers, the lead to the same dead ends, that bring about the same frustrations and even desperations.

Currently working as a podcaster, writer and speaker,

I want to provoke a shift in our generation’s paradigm, challenge your convictions and push you to introspective limits in your deep-seated understanding and overriding passion.

In spite of the insights and inspirations, my location in Europe’s romantic capital, and exposure to the hundreds of cross-cultural tourist and lovers who throng in for the ‘Paris experience’ has never made the job this exciting.

My name is JD Maka and this is my world.

The consortium

Jeiel Daniel Maka

Jeiel Daniel Maka

CEO & Life Coach

He is the Head coach and President at Lupus Imperi, also the author of Secret Diary of a Casanova, a podcast show design to debunk myths and stereotypes on men and the women who love them.

John McKenzie

John McKenzie


"I was very nervous at first but then I thought; I have been through a lot already not to give one shot and thats all it took to change my life, thanks guys."

Hanson Deck

Hanson Deck


"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its services 100 percent. The sense of professionalism is remarkable, the approach is phenomenal. Always worth every penny.

Isabelle Dupont

Isabelle Dupont


Je vous remercie pour votre patience et votre bienveillance à mon égard. Grâce à vous et votre accompagnement, j'ai gagné confiance en moi dans mes relations et ma vie en général. Je suis aujourd'hui la femme que j'ai toujours rêvé d'être !

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We are always here to listen to you and confidentiality is our super power.

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