Being a man in today’s world can be a very colossal task, especially if you seek to be not just the « biologically qualified man ». In the last decade, we have had three times the number of paternal desertion, leaving seven out of ten women singlehandedly catering and raising their children. There are no intentions of sounding sexist at all by suggesting that the male child will need a father figure and male model no matter what love he receives from his mum. Men raised by dedicated and committed single mothers without a father figure are in some parts of the world are likely to end up in jail. This is not due to bad parenting as we cannot label bad parenting without questioning the intention of the parent, which is why parenting goes beyond intentions, it becomes more about duty and responsibility and we believe a failed relationship shouldn’t limit the education and mentoring of Man. We want to inspire both old and young to feel and become real men, proud and accountably, with a deep sense of responsibility through their leadership to society to the fellow man.       

Every man’s biggest task is discovering his Identity

From public speaking to entrepreneurship down to entertainment, we mentor both teenagers and young adults through a variety of self-help and development tools to become ready for whatever life brings their way.

Think about our structure like a kind of “Charlie’s Angels” for men and where all the cool spy stuff is substituted with a solid personality build up and strength of character. 

From the People-oriented extrovert to the not so outgoing introvert, we seek to bridge the gap making sure nothing impairs you from being the morally sound perfect gentleman in your own terms. These are the real Alphas

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