Relationship / Dating Coaching

Dating success today, goes beyond signing up on several apps and swiping with the hope to get hooked on a date.

Hundreds of dating apps are built every day and millions of people just throng in and out, with little, temporary or no satisfaction at all. This normal because all these apps are created to do is act like slot machines, you keep spinning with the hop of hitting the jackpot, except that your dating is not gambling and therefore should be treated with much more than such casual attention.

Contrary to what most people believe, our job isn’t limited to playing “Hitch”,

Sometimes it’s as serious as having to help someone, learn how to heal from a toxic relationship or break away from a malignant partner.

I believe with the right tools and a little bit of fine-tuning here and there, anyone can attain and actualise their dream relationship.

To approach this successfully, I have carefully thought through and created holistic programs and methods that will help you reach these goals.

So, whether you are the single mother who has forgotten how to be a woman, the business executive with less than more time to develop his or her social skills, or you are simply have a tough time coping with the complex and fast-moving dating world; be rest assured as I have put in place a blueprint to help you win.  

From bespoke matchmaking events, parties, bachelor and spinster boot camps to private sessions, you can now explore unlimited options.

Lifestyle Coaching​

As a coach, I try to show my clients that the beauty of anything and everything we undergo and experience, depends on the quality of our life-style.

Your lifestyle is the powerhouse of your live. Unfortunately, lifestyle quality deteriorates under certain conditions. Bad habits, addictions, or simple negligence can tremendously affect the quality of your life on a short and long term and this can impact a whole more than we can imagine; our health, relationships, family and even our finances.   

This is why lifestyle Coaching is vast and requires in-depth and root deep work on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. To bring you the best in quality and services I have partners and collaborators in the relevant fields. With purpose driven coaches, experts and professionals in nutrition, psychology, sexology, fitness and even fashion, we are set to bring you foolproof and holistic enhancement to your life.

Capacity Building

A lot of people are stuck in a daily routine, with jobs they are not passionate about and unfulfilled lives and career.

For some of us, we have great jobs and occupy important leadership positions, yet lack the skills or motivation to drive our business or teams towards excellence.

Whatever your situation is today, you have to understand that none of it is your fault, because somehow life deals different cards to everyone. However, there is one thing we are all privilege to have, and the same is all that is required to chart the course of your lives towards excellence, and that is “Time”.

What are you doing with the time that you have left?

What how do you spend your time, in what do you invest your time into?

The answers to these questions are where your life-changing decision lie.

Through my capacity building campaigns, I teach entrepreneurs and leaders how to identify and direct their skills, gifts and potentials.

The idea is to push you to self-sufficiency, to help you live long by making a living off whatever you do, with minimum efforts.

From Public speaking trainings to my Strategic thinking and chess sessions, my mission is clear and precise; to guide you in building your self-confidence as a leader with excellence.